Friday, December 12, 2008

Designer of the Moment

Last fall as I was shopping for a dress to wear to the CMA Awards show here in Nashville, I stumbled upon a brand new boutique in the Hill Center in Green Hills called Hemline. Small and to the point (it's about the size of my bedroom) it is nevertheless packed with hard to find designers like Sweetees and Wendy Katlen. Almost immediately, my eyes were drawn to a fuschia colored mini dress by a designer I'd never heard of named Yoana Baraschi. I loved the clean, simple style contrasting with the jewel encrusted collar. And it had pockets too, so I was already sold on it. Since then, I've bought several more of her designs, including the black and blue dress above. She has consistently impressed me with her bold, jewel-toned fabrics as well as the girly little details like bows and ruffles that I love so much. I checked out her Spring 2009 collection on her website (, and instantly fell for at least two of the lace infused dresses. I'm seeing a pattern here and it's a little nerve-wracking to think that I may have to get a second job in order to sustain my habit.