Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've never been a big fan of winter. Growing up in California and North Carolina hardly exposed me to blizzards and white-outs. My memories of this time of year consist of rollerblading on the beach on Christmas day and camping in the balmy mountains around Asheville, and most of my childhood was spent without a single "winter" coat in my possession. But with a new man in my life comes a host of new experiences. I've spent a good bit of time this year up in Chicago and Northern Indiana, and any true Northerner would know that only a fool would go outside in December in anything less than full on winter gear. It's been a bit of a challenge, but I do have to say that I am actually embracing this season of hats, gloves, and layering. I think I may even be turning into a scarf person.
(Coat by Old Navy, Bag by Chloe, Dress by Bailey 44, Thrifted Vintage Rabbit Fur Scarf, Thrifted Hat, Tights from Target)