Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No, She Doesn't Still Have This Dress

I called my mother up the other day to ask her if this dress was still in my grandmother's possession, and was pretty disappointed when I was told that she had given it away a long time ago. This small let-down made me pause and think about the items in my closet that I would love to pass down to my future daughter or granddaughter. 

Here is my humble yet hopefully ever-growing list:

1. My grandmother's mink wrap and stole
2. my Lela Rose custom wedding dress
3. Yoana Baraschi jeweled mini dress that I wore walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with my soon-to-be husband
4. Vintage black leather motorcycle jacket
5. My crochet Cynthia Steffe dress (amazing, vintage inspired!)
6. A pearl necklace that my grandfather brought back from the South Pacific during WWII

Oh, and by the way....wasn't my mom the cutest little baby?!

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