Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barking Bird Art

If you haven't visited the Etsy website yet, then you are missing out. I only recommend browsing while you have an hour or three, as it is highly addictive.

While searching for art for Maddux's nursery, I stumbled upon Barking Bird Art and now six of her prints grace the walls in his room. I love the music themed pieces, but I'm dying to own the "You Are My Sunshine" one.


Danielle said...

We love the Barking Art prints - maybe for our soon to be adopted twin sons room.

We would LOVE to see pictures of these prints on your son's nursery wall, we're having trouble figuring out paint colors!

Thanks :) Danielle

Lucy and Lloyd said...

Hey Danielle!

I put some pictures of the nursery up. Thanks for reading! Twin sons....WOW! Congratulations!

~ Ali