Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Hunt For: Loafers With A Heel

I'm not talking about the boring, flat brown or black loafer that we are used to seeing on schoolgirls and office workers. The loafers I'm after have a bit of sexiness to them and would make your legs look a mile long when paired with some dark jeans. I love the hint of preppiness, but with a little attitude, perfect for the upcoming Fall season.

Last season, but I'm still in love.

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The Remodeled Life said...

Hey Alison, I wanted to pass something along to you that was given to me - The LIebster Blog Award. The award is a way for bloggers to show support to fellow small blogs (less than 200 followers) and encourage them in their blogging journey.

The rules for the award if you wish to pass it on are this: Thank the blogger that nominated you by linking back to them; share your top 5 choices for the award and leave a comment on each blog; and post the award on your blog. No worries if you'd rather not post it - only do so if it seems right to you.

Love you!