Thursday, May 31, 2012

Road Trip: Savannah, Georgia

As amazing as becoming parents has been, Nate and I have been craving a good old fashioned road trip like the kind we used to take before Maddux came along. Taking a kid on the road, as fun as it can be, completely changes the dynamics of any vacation. We haven't been away from Maddux since he was born, almost 21 months ago. It was way past time for us to leave the Munchkin with Nana and Papa and take off down the open road.

When we were pregnant, we took a trip to Savannah and absolutely fell in love. Like, we could move here and spend the rest of our lives here kind of love. So off to Savannah we went, despite tropical storm warnings and the threat of Memorial Weekend crowds.

Savannah has not lost its touch. The Spanish Moss still hang romantically from the trees in the squares, River Street still allows you to walk around outside with a beer, and Paula Deen still cooks up a mean Southern buffet.

We loved out first stay at the Marshall House so much, we decided to make a return visit. Being Savannah's oldest hotel, it is filled with history, charm and romance. If you get one of the Broughton Balcony King rooms you can sit outside on the balcony with wine and cheese and watch the sunset, or the too cool SCAD students walking to Leopold's . Which is exactly what we did:

The Marshall House also has the distinction of being one of the most haunted hotels in America . So if you're cool with that then this may be the place for you.

One of our favorite things to do in Savannah is just wander through the old squares admiring the well-preserved historic homes and churches.

We also got dressed up one evening and had an amazing dinner at Belford's. Their Baked Brie was seriously out of this world. I'm craving it right now!

We also spent a couple of hours at Tybee Island. Tropical Storm Beryl was in the area, but we never got really nasty weather. It was actually kind of nice. Breezy, slightly overcast, mid-80's. Perfect.

As amazing as our trip was, I have to admit one of my favorite parts was picking Maddux up. When we opened the door, he ran to Daddy first, then me, giggling uncontrollably. I mean, he was practically giddy. But we absolutely can't wait to go back, and would highly recommend Savannah to any of you planning a little get-away.

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