Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Have Some Talented Friends

Living in Nashville, it can pretty much go without saying that I am surrounded by ridiculously talented people on a daily basis. The amount of musicians, writers, artists, designers and the like that call Nashville home is one of the reasons why I love this city so much. There is newfound inspiration around every corner, and I love how creative people tend to form a community, supporting and encouraging each other.

I also have a pretty large group of family and friends all across the country who have begun letting their creative sides out to play, opening their own businesses and following that little voice inside their heads that has been telling them to try something new or to take a risk.

So, I'd like to showcase a few of these friends and family members here today, with more to come! Check out their sites, and please patronize their businesses. We need to support these amazing entrepreneurs!

Muck A Duck

Muck A Duck is made up of my sister-in-law Janis and her best friend/ practically her sister, Megan. These sassy ladies hand make everything from pillows to jewelry to wall art in their hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana. Their creations are fun, funky and on trend, yet uniquely their own. I especially love the names they come up with to name their designs. I recently bought a red jeweled bracelet that was perfect for wearing on stage.

Here is their Etsy page.

You can also find them on Facebook and "Like" their page.

The Remodeled Life

The Remodeled Life is a popular blog run by my sister-in-law Megan in North Carolina. She writes about her adorable little family, the youth group that she and my brother minister to and mostly, the amazing DIY remodeling projects that she does around her home. And she also designs jewelry. Geez. Overachiever, maybe? I absolutely love her whimsical, colorful necklaces and earrings. These are statement pieces that can be worn again and again. I was wearing one of her Dragonfly necklaces like the one pictured above on the night that Nate proposed to me. So obviously I will keep it forever. 

Here is her Etsy page.

Also check out her amazing blog!

Christie Silverstein
Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach

If my dear friend Christie was not in my life then I never would have met my husband, Nate. So, she's already golden in my book. Add that fact to an amazing, warm personality and a love for people and she is pretty much set in the good karma department. She has such an amazing talent for connecting with people, which is perfect for the line of work she is in. Not only will she help you organize and declutter your life, but she will make sure you are making the most of your body by eating well and engaging in a pure lifestyle.

Find her at her website

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