Sunday, July 10, 2011

Travelogue: On The Road To California. Day 6

So this is the day I've been most excited to write about because we finally got to meet up with Nate!

I woke up bright and early so Maddux and I could be waiting for Nate when he got off the plane at LAX. Well, I apparently grossly overestimated L.A. traffic on this Wednesday morning, because we arrived at the airport a whole TWO hours before Nate was set to disembark.

We ended up having a great time people watching, though, and Maddux was thoroughly entertained by the group of paparazzi staking out some unfortunate celebrity.

Nate finally arrived and as promised (after meeting up with my mom), we headed straight for In-N-Out Burger, which none of us had ever had. 
Greasy goodness at its best.

Maddux was not impressed.

But mom, Nate and I all loved it, although we decided that Gabby's in Nashville was far superior.

Next, on to the beach, where Nate and Maddux would be dipping their toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

The big moment. It was cold, but no one seemed to mind.

And Maddux loved the sand. So much, he wanted it for his lunch.

Love this.

Thanks Mom for the great beach shots!

The Perfect White Lace Dress

Found. And sadly, already sold. The hunt continues.