Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

We enjoyed a lovely respite from the cold this past weekend here in Nashville, with temperatures hovering in the upper 60's and the sun finally busting out from behind the clouds. Naturally, we had to get out and go hiking at Warner Park. Nate and I joke that we've felt like cave people this past winter, stuck indoors and in serious need of some vitamin D. 

I'm finding out that my son loves being outdoors, which brings joy to my heart. I plan on taking him on many camping excursions, hikes, mountain climbs and windows-down road trips throughout his childhood, so I am very happy to see him enjoying nature so much.

Within a couple of days of his birth, Nate and I would bundle him in his Baby Bjorn and take walks around the neighborhood. If he was fussy, he was instantly soothed by the warm early fall breeze across his face, and would almost always fall asleep, depositing baby drool all over the front of my shirt, of course.

Now as a five month old, he is alert and taking in the world around him. His favorite pastime seems to be watching the dogs play and chewing on his Kelty backpack. 

I'm so excited to see the first tiny hints of Spring and can't wait for more adventures with my little Munchie.

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