Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Wish I Could Sew

When I was about nine or ten years old, my mom sent me to the woman across the street to learn how to sew. We decided to make it part of a homeschool project, and I would have something that I could wear at the end. It sounded like a good plan, and I remember getting so excited, thinking of the rad pink and green shirt with gold sequins splattered all over it that I would get to walk away with.

Those dreams were quickly dashed however, when on the first day I discovered that the neighbor had already picked out the fabric, as well as the most hideous dress pattern she could possibly find. It was like a mutant "Little House on the Prairie" dress and I hated it (I also hated dresses back then, but that is a different story).

Naturally, I lost all interest in the project, and barely remember a thing about those sewing lessons. I did walk away with a completed dress, though, which I believe lies dormant in my parent's attic.

In retrospect, I do wish I had paid a bit more attention. I've been doing little drawings of dresses for years now, and so wish I had the skills necessary to bring them to life.

Enter my adorable husband, Nate

For our first Christmas, unbeknownst to me, he took one of my drawings to our friend Helen, an amazingly talented fashion designer and seamstress. He had her make the dress, which he then presented to me. Did I tell you he is amazing?
The Drawing

The Finished Dress

Helen had Nate write an inscription, which she then sewed on the inside of the dress, in his own handwriting. Breathtaking.


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Jennifer said...

Ali--I'm all teary-eyed...that's the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time...what a splendid thing for Nate to do!

Also, I want to say one other thing...your one-time sewing lesson reminded me of my mom trying to teach me to sew when I was about 12 or so...we were impatient with each other, and it did not go well. I declared that I Hate Sewing, and had nothing more to do with it. Fast-forward about 15 years when as a newlywed, my mother-in-law (of whom I was always slightly in awe) gifted me with a 1955 rebuilt Elna sewing machine. She said, "Any woman worth her salt can sew at least a little!" --her words, not mine! Thus chastened, I signed up for one beginner sewing class at the local tech school. I made an ugly skirt--well, it was somewhat in vogue in 1985--which I actually wore. I learned to sew a straight seam, sew in a zipper, and install interfacing and buttonholes. A few years later, I constructed the maternity clothing which I wore to the law firm where I worked as a paralegal. After the boys were born, I sewed their halloween costumes and a couple of little things they wore to school. I'm way out of practice now, but I still like to whip up the occasional accent pillow and I did little window treatments for my kitchen that I still enjoy. YOU CAN learn to sew dear girl. Your designs show a huge amount of talent! Maybe with Munchie it's not feasible right now, but it's possible someday. When my 2 sons were at home playing, I had a little sewing corner right next to their playroom so we were side-by-side doing our thing. Fond memories!

Just felt I should share my story to encourage you. You are such a very talented woman, Ali.


Mitzi said...

that is so cool!