Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bon Voyage. My Travel Wish List: Terra Mar at Big Sur

Nate and I will be traveling to California next month and will be spending a little time in Big Sur. I think that staying here would make us feel like a couple of movie stars.

I can just see myself curled up in the hammock with a good book, being swayed to sleep by the gentle ocean breeze. 

Or better yet, curled up with Nate and little Munchie, singing silly songs and cuddling until we fall asleep with the sun on our faces.

And how about that skywalk? Geez.

For only $2800 a night, it's all ours. Umm, I think we'll probably just stick with all the hippies camping out here, and save Terra Mar for when we are celebrities.

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Nate Rau said...

Can't it be both?