Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Walk In The Park

When I think back to the days when Nate and I were still dating, a lot of those memories center around long walks and long conversations. We walked around his neighborhood, my neighborhood, the Vanderbilt campus or just took the long way back to our cars after a date.

We had only known each other for about three months when we took a trip together to New York City. He had never been before, and I was excited to show him a place that I loved so much.

And what better place to be for two walking aficionados than a city that never sleeps and always yields to pedestrians. We were in heaven! Naturally, we found our way to Central Park, where we strolled lazily down the paths as the sun set behind the skyscrapers. 

I knew I was in love with him even then. I told him later that as we were walking in Central Park, I had a vision of us with a couple of little kids running around, playing in the leaves. And for our first Christmas, this is what he got me:

Nate discovered this amazing artist, and I've since fallen in love with his prints. He has this beautifully simple perspective on the human condition that translates into these perfect little snapshots of everyday life: falling in love, walking on the beach with your child, sitting around the dinner table. I really encourage you to check out his drawings. There is sure to be one that speaks to you. You can find him at www.pascalcampion.com.

We also own this one, which is actually the first one Nate gave me. It's a guy serenading a girl with his guitar. Awesome.

(Sorry the detail is a little hard to see in the pictures. Definitely check out his site for better versions.)


MegHill said...

A- I love these pictures. I looked at the website too and found MANY that I love. Do you k now the pricing on these? They are all so special.

Lucy and Lloyd said...

They're super affordable. I think the prints are $25 to $35 each. If you go to his website, click on store and you should be able to purchase them there. There are also several online stores (like thumbtackpress.com) that sell his prints. Maybe do a google search with pascal campion and see what comes up!