Saturday, March 26, 2011

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer

My friends have learned to run and hide when they see me coming with my camera. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I love taking pictures, and I am completely in love with the art of photography. I think I get it from my mom, who has been known to arrange impromptu photo shoots with all 22 of her children and grandchildren. In fact, a lot of my childhood memories revolve around her herding her children together for one photo op or another (at the Grand Canyon, in front of the Statue of Liberty, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.).

I love the idea of a photograph capturing a single moment in time, reminding the world long after we are gone that we were indeed here.

I've written before about how incredibly sweet and thoughtful my husband is, here and here, so it will be of no surprise that I have another to add to the list.

For my birthday last year, Nate got me the Nikon camera that I'd been eyeing for quite sometime, and for Christmas this year, he got me a chance to attend a photography workshop at Dury's. I'm so excited to start learning how to really use my camera, in particular, how to best use lighting to achieve maximum results. In the meantime, I will continue to annoy my friends and family by whipping out my camera anywhere and everywhere. I'd also love to share with you several of my favorite photos that I've taken over the years.

Mt. Adams, Washington State

Castle, Carmona, Spain

Peaches, Georgia

The Coliseum, Rome, Italy

Skipping Rocks, Mississippi River

Trout Lake in Black & White

Nuns, Vatican City, Italy

Christmas in North Carolina

And last, but not least:

Watching the Game with Dad

Thanks for letting me share.

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