Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anatomy of a Christmas Photo

As any of you with toddlers know, it is nearly impossible to take a decent photo. Maddux may be sitting perfectly still, doing the sweetest, most angelic little thing, but the laws of parenthood state that the moment a camera is taken out and focused on him, he turns into the Tasmanian Devil.

So, as I am a bit of a slave to tradition, I just had to attempt to take our yearly family Christmas photo. I'm sad to say that these are not all entirely Maddux's fault.

Here are the results:

                                               Checking the lighting......

And the tripod positioning. Oh hello there, Jackson Dog.

This could take awhile........

                                        At least he's looking at the camera.

Oops! There goes my top. Thanks Nate!

Almost there.....

                                            As good as it's going to get.


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