Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Tour: Valparaiso, Indiana

Janis is one of the coolest, most creative girls I know. This mother of two, wife and marathon runner is also a dedicated craft whiz. You can find some of her terrific ideas on the blog that she hosts with her friend Kristy.

I fell in love with her house the first time I stepped foot into it. Built in 1912, it is filled with vintage finds, handmade craft projects and original artwork.

Janis kindly allowed me to take pictures and ask her a few questions, which you can find after the photos.

 The girls' downstairs playroom.

 Chalkboard painted wall in the front hallway.

 1920's chandelier in Anni's room.

 Anni's room

 Anni's original artwork in her room.

 Upstairs bath

 Upstairs bath

 Rosie's bedroom

 Artwork in Rosie's room.

 A tent in the dining room? Yes, please!

 Table decals by Luvloo Designs. 

 Front sunroom

1. What is your favorite room in your house?
                    My favorite room is [my daughter] Anni's room because when I first walked through the house it seemed like everything I would have wanted in a room as a little girl. The window overlooked a two hundred year old elm tree in our backyard and it was small and quaint and had nooks and crannies.

2. Where do you find your design inspiration?
                    From anything and everything. Music, colors outside, Anni's paintings, The Art Institute of Chicago and design blogs like 'Oh Happy Day .'

3. Do you have a favorite place to shop?
                    My favorite place to shop is Etsy. I like finding original designers like 'Muck Duck' and 'Collective Revolution.' Some of the most creative people I know are the ones who take risks, put their hands in rusty junk and think outside of the box.

4. Where did you find the amazing chandeliers in the girls' rooms?
                    I got the chandeliers from Ebay. Anni's is French from the 1920's and Rosie's is mid-century. Totally Eames looking. Funky and fun like Bud (Janis' nickname for Rosie).

Thanks so much, Janis! Be sure to check out Janis' blog, Loosygoosey.wordpress.com

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